Newfrontiers Apostolic Values

Terry Virgo, John Lanferman, Samuel Poe

Course Description
This course seeks to introduce students to the biblical basis of apostolic ministry and its values. The course will also examine how apostolic ministry functions in relationship to the local church, with specific attention given to the history of Newfrontiers.

Course Objectives
  • To lay a foundation for the existence, and practice of, apostolic ministry as seen in the New Testament
  • To further strengthen and encourage our mission together as a family of churches
  • To offer those who are currently not in relationship with apostolic ministry an understanding of what it is, and how it works in conjunction with a local church and family of churches
  • To help maintain a consistent set of values that will extend over the course of years amongst the churches that are served by the same sphere of apostolic ministry
  • To foster an appreciation for the early history of Newfrontiers, resulting in a greater commitment to apostolic mission and unity
Required Texts
  • The Bible (more than one translation is highly recommended)
  • Vision and Values magazine

Course Calendar
  • Lesson 1: Apostolic Ministry and How it Functions
  • Lesson 2: Church Leadership and its Connection with Apostolic Ministry
  • Lesson 3: Biblical Foundations of Apostolic Ministry
  • Lesson 4: The Spirit-Filled Church
  • Lesson 5: The Church in the Community & Inside a Church Shaped by Apostolic Ministry