History of Christian Theology - Part 2

History of Christian Theology, Part 2

Samuel Poe

Course Description
This course will survey the major doctrines that, taken together, constitute the core of Christian faith and, beginning with the Reformation, will identify key personalities, themes, and periods involved in the processes which gave rise to and shaped the doctrines essential to the study of biblical doctrine today.

Course Objectives
  • That students understand the real-life, cultural background behind the development of Christian doctrine.
  • That students understand the conflicts at the center of debate for major doctrines of the Church.
  • That students know the key theologians and issues under debate from the Reformation and into the present day.
Required Texts
  • The Story of Christian Theology:, by Roger E. Olson, ISBN# 978-0830815050.
  • The Bible
Course Calendar
  • Lesson 1: A New Twist in the Narrative: The Western Church Reforms and Divides
  • Lesson 2: The Center of the Story Falls Apart: Protestants Follow Diverse Paths
  • Lesson 3: The Overall Plot Divides: Liberals and Conservatives Respond to Modernity
  • Lesson 4: The Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements
  • Lesson 5: Untitled