History of Missions

History of Missions


Samuel Poe

Course Description

A historical study of almost 2000 years of Christian mission to the nations of the earth. This course is meant to instruct and encourage the student in reaching the nations in this present generation with the Gospel. The biblical basis and model(s) for mission and the message of the Kingdom of God are highlighted especially through the biographies of those who have gone before us in this mission.

Course Objectives

  • That students acquire a clear understanding of God’s heart for mission, which is expressed in a continuous thread running throughout the biblical story.
  • That students gain a broad understanding of the high points and the low points as well as the major figures in Christian mission over the last 2,000+ years.
  • That students understand their own cultural idiosyncrasies or traditions in expressing the gospel that may not translate to other cultures whether they are across the world or across the street.

Required Texts

  • From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, by Ruth A. Tucker, 2nd Edition.
    ISBN# 978-0310239376.
    (Note: Reading assignments are keyed to the revised second edition hardback)
  • The Bible

Course Calendar

  • Lesson 1: The First Centuries
  • Lesson 2: The Early Middle Ages
  • Lesson 3: The Moravians
  • Lesson 4: William Carey & Worldview
  • Lesson 5: The Development of Protestant Mission & Pentecostal Mission