Training present and emerging leaders to work within the church community discipling people, planting churches and reaching the nations.

  • Thorough Biblical Studies
  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • Leadership Training
  • Worldwide Community of Learning

Trilogy offers curriculum in a web-based format using streaming video, discussion boards and a strong mentoring component. This format offers an increased opportunity to schedule participation around work, family and other responsibilities. There is also the option of taking less than the full-time four classes per year (two per semester) to accommodate those who, for whatever reason, are uncertain about commitment of a full-time pace. This additional scheduling flexibility and online access from anywhere in the world makes Trilogy accessible to a wide range of students.

Trilogy Courses

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Life and Ministry of Jesus


This course is a chronological study of the life and ministry of Jesus as recorded in the four gospels...

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Life and Ministry of Paul


This course examines the life of Paul and his works as described in Acts and the epistles.

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Kingdom of God


This course looks at the emergence and development of the of the Kingdom of God motif in both the Old and New Testaments...

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History of Christian Missions


An historical study of almost 2000 years of Christian mission to the nations of the earth.

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History of Christian Theology, Part 1


This course will survey the major doctrines that taken together constitute the core of Christian faith...

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History of Christian Theology, Part 2


This course will survey the major doctrines that taken together constitute the core of Christian faith...

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Old Testament Theology


The Old Testament has much to contribute to biblical and systematic theology.

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New Testament Foundations


This course seeks to introduce the content of the books of the NT with a view to providing a basis for further reading and in-depth study.

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Newfrontiers Apostolic Values


This course seeks to introduce students to the biblical basis of apostolic ministry and its values.

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Wisdom Quest


Wisdom Quest is a foundational course that introduces the student to the concept of Biblical Wisdom.

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Leadership, Part 1


A study of the biblical model of leadership, contrasting the styles and practical examples of Jesus and Paul with traditional and historical models

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Cross Cultural Training


Do you feel God may be calling you to another nation or culture to share the Good News?

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Leadership, Part 2


A study of the biblical nature of the church and its ministry from the viewpoints of missional ecclesiology and the Trinity...

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"Trilogy was a great opportunity for us to dig deep into scripture, to learn about the context and culture of the Bible, and to apply the truth learned to our lives. The teachings were powerful and the assignments were thought provoking. Also the study skills we acquired have given us a foundation to continue our learning."
Seth & Shannon Hein


"Trilogy gave me a foundational understanding of the Bible, Jesus, the Kingdom and the missionary strategy of the apostle Paul that has proven to be fundamental in preaching a holistic gospel to the people God has called me to lead."
Bryan Mowrey


"Trilogy changed my life! The instruction and encouragement that I received gave me a new understanding about the Kingdom of God, leadership and how the church should be in the world. It definitely reshaped the way I viewed my life and my call. I only wish that I could have had this training when I was starting out years ago."
Tommy Stanley