Leadership, Part 2

Leadership, Part 2


John Lanferman

Course Description

A study of the biblical nature of the church and its ministry from the viewpoints of missional ecclesiology and the Trinity, with an emphasis on practical application in the life of the church. Perspectives will be drawn from the areas of mission theology, the doctrine of the church, cultural analysis, leadership development and spiritual formation.

Course Objectives

  • Students acquire a clear understanding of the missional aspects of church as a reflection of the heart of God.
  • Students will learn how the church’s identity and mission are influenced by church history and current cultural perspectives.
  • Students will understand the concepts of and develop strategies for church growth and church planting.
  • Students will learn how the church’s teaching and structures are intended to empower ministry.
  • Students will understand how local church ministry and trans-local leadership operate with a mission ecclesiology.

Required Texts

  • The Bible (more than one translation is highly recommended)
  • Additional Texts To Be Determined

Course Calendar

  • Lesson 1: Rediscovering the Church
  • Lesson 2: A Missional Understanding of the Church
  • Lesson 3: Historical Views of the Church
  • Lesson 4: The Church and the Redemptive Reign of God
  • Lesson 5: The Nature of the Church
  • Lesson 6: The Nature of the Church (Pt.2)
  • Lesson 7: The Ministry of the Church
  • Lesson 8: The Ministry of the Church (Pt.2)
  • Lesson 9: The Organizational Life of the Church