New Testament Foundations

New Testament Foundations

Michael Lawson

Course Description
This course seeks to introduce the content of the books of the NT with a view to providing a basis for further reading and in-depth study. The primary focus will be on the message of each book (time permitting) within its particular historical-cultural setting, with some attention being given to its contribution to the theology of the NT as a whole. Selected critical issues will be dealt with on occasion.

Course Objectives
  • To provide a historical-cultural context as a basis for exegetical understanding and for further study of the New Testament writings.
  • To gain a greater understanding of the process of interpreting and re-contextualizing the New Testament writings to speak into present day culture and life.
  • To generate an appreciation and hunger for the New Testament writings as the authoritative revelation of God for the present day.

Required Texts
  • The Bible (more than one translation is highly recommended)
  • An Introduction to the New Testament, by David A. DeSilva
    (ISBN 978-0830827466)

Course Calendar
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to New Testament Foundations
  • Lesson 2: The First-Century Greco-Roman World
  • Lesson 3: First-Century Judaism
  • Lesson 4: First-Century Palestine
  • Lesson 5: The Text and Books of the New Testament
  • Lesson 6: The Nature of the Gospels
  • Lesson 7: Jesus – His Mission and Message
  • Lesson 8: The Gospel of Mark
  • Lesson 9: Introduction to Paul and His Letters
  • Lesson 10: The Corinthian Correspondence
  • Lesson 11: The Letter to the Colossians / Philippians
  • Lesson 12: The General (Catholic) Epistles