Tracks provide focused purpose to a student's Trilogy experience. Each track is designed to allow for tangible milestones in the students' studies and can be tailored to varying degrees and areas of leadership.

The courses required to complete each of the three available tracks do not need to be taken in any particular order. Please see the chart below for required and elective courses associated with each track.

Foundations Track
A basic track for those in all facets of leadership, Foundations also serves as a good introduction into the overall Trilogy program.

Ministry Leader Track
The Ministry Leader track is designed to prepare those who are looking to be equipped to serve in a specific area of ministry such as Worship Leader, Small Group Leader, Children's Coordinator/Volunteer, etc.

Advanced Studies Track
The Advanced Studies track is for those who desire to continue their Trilogy training experience beyond the Foundations track, or those who desire to focus on a particular area of study or ministry.

Courses Foundations Ministry Leader Advanced Studies
Wisdom Quest E x x
Leadership: Part 1 x x x
Newfrontiers Apostolic Values x x x
Life & Ministry of Jesus x x x
Life & Ministry of Paul E E x
Kingdom of God E E E
History of Missions   E E
History of Christian Theology: Part 1   E E
New Testament Foundations E E x
Old Testament Theology   E E
Cross-Cultural Training   E E
History of Christian Theology: Part 2     E
Leadership: Part 2      
Total Courses Required 4 6 10
x = Required    E = Elective